Mini SD Cards

A mini SD card is a Secure Digital memory card that stores information. These cards are often used to store information in mp3 players, digital cameras, and mobile phones. It is possible to copy files from a computer’s hard disk drive to the mini SD card. This enables music stored on the home computer to be copied to an mp3 player that can go anywhere that the user wants to take it. Copying these files requires a special card reader adapter that can be plugged into the computer USB port, or some computers have built-in adapters. Using a mini SD card can save a lot of time by downloading music only one time onto the computer and then transferring it to the SD card.

There are thousands of models of SD cards made by many manufacturers. They are designed to hold 4GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB of information that is usually music or photos. The 64GB models can be rather expensive, costing $200 or $300, but they can hold a lot of information. They also work at very fast speed, so they are capable of saving photos in a digital camera that are snapped very quickly  Many models have a five year warranty. Most brand name SD cards are fully compatible with the SD Association 3.0 specification that has more storage ability from 64GB. This card is capable of recording High Definition 1920×1080 resolution video. In addition, there is a write protection switch that eliminates any accidental deletion of data on the card. A high level of copy protection is another feature of the 64GB mini SD card.

At the opposite end of the storage capacity size is the 4GB card that costs under $10. This size is popular for digital cameras, and although it does not have the speed of the 64GB, it is fast and appropriate for the average photographer who is not shooting sporting events or other fast action movements. The technology of many cards is Secure Digital High-Capacity (SDHC), and they are compatible with all SDHC-labeled devices, but not with standard SD. The warranty on many of the 4GB models is around two to three years. The same company who manufactures this 4GB model also makes models in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB that are basically the same as the 4GB card, except that they have more storage area as the numbers go up.

Other models offer additional features that are very convenient, such as the ability to wirelessly upload videos and photos via Wi-Fi. It is possible to upload only those photos that are chosen, not the entire group of information on the card. This particular brand features class 6 performance, and it also helps to organize photos with lifetime geotagging. Each location is automatically recorded as the photo is taken, which is very helpful when photos from several locations are located on the same card. Photos can be quickly uploaded to social networking websites and other locations very quickly, even while traveling, and RAW file wireless uploads enable editing. There is no lack of space because once photos are sent, they are deleted to save space. If you choose to send them to Twitter, you receive a notice that the photos have been received, so there is no worry about them being deleted without delivery. This card is compatible with Nikons, Canons, Casios, and other popular cameras. The price of this card in the 8GB plus Wi-Fi is around $150.

Mini SD cards have improved greatly over the past years with the advancement of technology. The features on the cards allow information to be saved, but there are many additional features as well.